Tide, Town and Ties

Enjoy a Little Belt boat trip as well as ‘stop and shop’ ashore in Fredericia or Middelfart. There is plenty of time to discover the destination and enjoy lunch.

The Little Belt Straits are a narrow stretch of water that meanders between Jutland and Funen. The straits are one of Denmark’s prettiest waterways.

The Little Belt Straits are best seen from the water. Join us aboard Aventura, a fine galleas (wooden sailing vessel). Enjoy breath-taking views of the coasts on both sides and the excitement that comes of sailing under not just one but two bridges. We set sail from either Fredericia or Middelfart and passengers have three hours in the destination town to explore and enjoy shopping, lunch or a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before returning to the town of departure.

The trip includes an exciting treasure hunt where you could win DKK 5,000 to spend in Fredericia or Middelfart.


  • Voksne 219 kr.
  • Børn 119 kr.


  • Udbyder af oplevelsen: Aventura
  • Periode: June - August 2023
  • Lokation: Fredericia and Middelfart
  • Genre: Little Belt Boat Trip
  • Varighed:​ 5 hours
  • Antal deltagere:​ 40 persons
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