Whale Safari on MS Fortuna

An intimate and personal encounter with Mother Nature.

Porpoise are charming marine mammals that live in the Little Belt Straits. A keen sense of excitement spreads among our passengers as they board the boat, hoping to track down these fascinating creatures. As we sail the straits and enjoy the natural surroundings, we keep an eye on the surface of the water and hope to spot porpoise.

We sail in accordance with Naturpark Lillebælt’s code of conduct to ensure that we do not disturb these adorable animals. With any luck, we are almost certain to spot porpoise on our trip and we may be fortunate also to see seals that have found their way into the Little Belt Straits.


  • Voksne 235 kr.
  • Børn 155 kr.

    2-12 years (under 2 years: free of charge)


  • Udbyder af oplevelsen: MS Fortuna
  • Periode: May - October 2023
  • Lokation: Middelfart
  • Genre: Whale safari
  • Varighed:​ 2 hours
  • Antal deltagere:​ 30 persons
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