Whale safari with wine-tasting

Tickle all your senses! Taste a choice of fine wines and enjoy the natural environment as we sail in the straits.

Invite your family, friends or colleagues to join this unique trip. You receive information about the wines as you admire the wonders of the natural surroundings, the gentle swell of the sea and the miniature whales that we are more than likely to meet along the way.

You can choose to book the entire boat for a private event. You are free to choose the date and time of departure and which wines to taste.


  • Voksne 245 kr.
  • Børn 155 kr.

    2-12 years (under 2 years: free of charge)


  • Udbyder af oplevelsen: Mira III
  • Periode: May - September 2023
  • Lokation: Middelfart
  • Genre: Little Belt Boat Trip
  • Varighed:​ 2 hours
  • Antal deltagere:​ 30 persons
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